Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nut-Free Easter Candy Oh My

I love Easter Candy, it holds a very special place, on my list of favorites. Since finding out my son is allergic to Peanuts, tree nuts, and now eggs, my old favorites have not been hanging around.

Now, there is always the yummy Vermont Nut Free Chocolates. I'm not going to lie, it gets expensive, and it stinks to have to pay shipping, just to get a little sweet treat. We do it, and I love them, I'm just saying, it would be so much nicer to walk into the store, and buy my kids a little something special.

Imagine my surprise, when I walked into the local Rite Aid, and found these Jelly Beans.

I had never seen, or heard of these before. I certainly never thought I would have found a package, that was labeled like this, at the corner drug store.

To top it off, they taste great, and the kids love them. They are similar to Jelly Belly Beans. You can check out Gimbal's website here. They only have a few candies, but you can order them.

Please share your ideas on other safe Easter Candies, I would love to hear what you are putting in your baskets...

So, now I am off to use a new recipe, to make pancakes for the kids. Nut and egg free, the last one I tried, the kids did not like. Wish me luck.


  1. My kids don't like many of the Gimbal's flavors, but it's nice to have an option, especially one you can find at the store!

    Another nut-free Easter tip. Merlin's nut-free chocolate bunnies. I found some at a nearby CVS Pharmacy. They were ridiculously huge but cheap, $5.99 each (considering the immense size). Got 2 of them, one for each boy. It make take us till next Easter to eat them all!

  2. I'm writing these names down as I'm off to the shops tomorrow myself for allergen free candy. I do know that Marshmallow Peeps are safe, and my LO will be getting these this year. He's never had them before, so I'm sure he'll love them!

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention that we are making an egg pinata in lieu of dying Easter eggs. We did this last year, and the kids loved it.

  4. Oh my goodness...I am checking on the jelly beans now. Even though I don't easter hunt; it is nice to have a little candy. When did he become dxed with egg? A little out of the loop...sorry! Hope the pancake recipie went well!

  5. We can have nuts and eggs and dairy so I just get regular candy! I am glad you found this alternative though : ). Very exciting!

  6. We had Guardian Angel chocolate Bunnies (milk, egg and nut free) We also got some Florida Natural eggs

  7. My daughter wants a white chocolate Easter bunny more than anything this year, but I've had zero luck finding one that's nut-safe. :(