Friday, August 29, 2008

So the night goes.

Funny, I had meant to start a little update here, and I actually ended up posting on my Matters of the Heart blog.

I originally started a separate blog, thinking that maybe I would be able to find a few people living with the Peanut and Tree Nut allergy issue. Thankfully I have, however, I find myself intertwining both blogs. It is our life and I guess it is hard to separate.

My little guy did well last night, and continues to do well today. I think getting into the doctor ahead of time was the key. He still struggles with his cough, but has not really struggled with getting enough air today.

The medication is doing it's job. The only thing I dislike, it puts him in a really grumpy mood. He is normally a sweet, sweet boy.

Today, he had this growl, and a yell, that sounded like it came from the devil himself. I will be glad when we can discontinue this round of medication.

I'm really hoping that this passes quickly, we have some celebrating to do.

Someone will be two, very, very soon.

I will be back to discuss my cake struggles. Warning...It is not going to be pretty.

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  1. hey little guy, good job! By the way, mom, cake.... I ended up baking my very own cake for Noel's birthday... for the first time, it was a struggle but it came our surprisingly well.