Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our Thanksgiving Plans

Okay folks, this year, I am cooking Thanksgiving Dinner myself. It is the first year ever. I am really rather excited about it.

Knowing that my son has severe allergies, makes going anywhere for dinner, not as pleasant as it used to be. There is the constant worry, checking, and watching. Then there are my questions, that get the weird looks. Come one folks, this is my kids life, there is no going overboard, if his life is in danger. Nuts can be hidden anywhere, especially during the holidays.

Now, even though it is going to be a lot of work to prepare dinner, with a two and three year old under foot. It just seems like it will be much more rewarding to me. I will not have to wonder what is in anything. I will not have to worry if someone doesn't wash there hands and wants to touch my kid. I will not have to worry about any cross contamination coming from my kitchen. I will not have to worry if there is nutmeg in that pumpkin pie, or if there are nuts in those cookies. I will not have to worry about my son walking up to the appetizer table and putting something in his mouth that I did not see. I think you get the picture. It is the safest place we could be, and celebrate a day of Thanksgiving.

Now, what I really need help with, is my menu. I am still not sure what I am going to make, besides a Turkey of course. Any fun, family recipe, ideas would be great.


  1. I hear ya, girl. Just thought I'd post a link to the FAAN website where it says Nutmeg is safe: GL!!

  2. Well, that stinks. :( I completely understand, though. ; ) Best of luck to you! I've never cooked a turkey before, so I'm eager to hear how it all goes for you! If anything, with the nuts, at least you'll have one less thing to worry about! : )

  3. I know exactly what you mean. People give us the strangest looks when we question them about ingredients. They'll say there are no nuts in something, but they don't understand that almond flour, almond extract, pecan meal, etc. ARE ALSO NUTS! Our son is a teenager, and it has been a challenge to teach him to ASK. He doesn't want anyone to see him as "different." He had to start carrying Epi Pens this year, and he has been so embarrassed by that. What we can't get through his head is that his allergy is life-threatening. The seriousness of his allergy has worsened as he has gotten older. I belive that's what's made it so hard for him.

    Oh, sorry...didn't mean to go on and on! :o) I'm so happy that you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving, without having to worry about all of the food.


  4. Hey Eliane--You'll do fine! As far as the menu, you can't go wrong with the basics--sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing, fresh green beans, fresh cranberry sauce.

    Thanksgiving feasts usually contain nuts in various forms so without that to worry about, you should have smooth sailing. Also, ask close family members to arrive early and help you cook!

    I wanted to comment about nutmeg and if it is "safe" for people with nut allgergies. From what I've been advised, nutmeg is not a nut--it's a seed from a fruit. Many people with nut allergies also have seed allergies and I've read that various fruit allergies are becoming more common.

    Was your son tested for it? I'm wondering if I should ask for this test next time we visit the allergist.

    In any case, best wishes to you for great cooking and a very Happy Thanksgiving with your beautiful kids! :)--Jenny

  5. I hope your Thanksgiving meal is delicious! I really enjoy reading about your journey. I am curious about the wheat allergy. Let us know (I am sure you are planning on it) when you find out about that. By the way, I am thankful that we met in blogland!