Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rising to the surface again.

Sorry it has been so long, since I posted, over here. I tend to post, more about the family, over at our Matters of the Heart blog. I save this blog, for more allergy related issues, and thoughts on my little man.

This last round of illness, just does not want to say good bye. My little guy, still has a junky cough, and a bit of a runny nose. He has handled it very well though. We only had a few rough days, now its just lingering.

Otherwise, the little guy is doing well. The new egg free life is working well. We have had zero GI episodes, since we have eliminated eggs. I need a good pancake recipe though. This was one of my kids favorite meals, before we eliminated eggs. My daughter, would eat three, and she is not a big eater. They would beg me to make pancakes. I made them the other day, with applesauce instead of egg, and they did not go over very well. My daughter ate half of her one, and my son, barely touched his. I thought they tasted fine, it was just not what the kids are used too. Any thoughts?

Tonight, we try a new restaurant, for my Mom's birthday, I have my plan of action ready, hope it all goes well. It's always a bit scary, feeding my son, anywhere but home. It is also important for us to do normal family things. Which for us, includes eating out occasionally. I always have my son's best interest in mind, and take every precaution I feel important. Some fear is healthy, I believe it helps me keep my son safe. We do not live in that fear, and I believe, without peanuts, tree-nuts, and now eggs, my son leads a happy life of a two year old.

I will be back, with a cute story, on how protective my little girl has become, of her allergic brother.

Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Little Man Update

Still sick, better night, thank you for the prayers.

Hubby and I, took turns getting up last night, so I feel a little more rested today. Hoping he feels much better tomorrow. Doctor said, the meds could help significantly, within 24 hours. Let's hope, that it work like that, in our case.

On a funny note. Sent hubby for bread. New we could get by, with what we had, and a loaf of bread today. He goes to 7-11 to get the bread. Why, I am not sure, it is farther than the store, and certainly more expensive. At least it was allergy friendly for us.

Have a great day.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A visit to the doctor.

Oh great, you mean it's going to get worse? The doctor said, the medicine my little guy needs, is probably going to make him hyper, and grumpy.

He already does not want me to leave his side. Carry me, carry me is all he has said to be today. Poor little guy, I know he does not feel good.

Good news, doctor said he could start to feel better within 24 hours.

It is not a good night

It is so hard to sleep when your child struggles to breath. The wheezing, the bark of a cough, and the moaning, are just a little tough to sleep through. Nothing like hoping on to the computer, after the albuterol.

Oh, am I going to be tired tomorrow. On a positive note, at least my hubby will be home in the morning for some help.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

It has never failed me yet.

I knew it was coming. All the tell-tail signs were there. My little guy is officially is sick. This time seems a little different. Rooney seems to be handling it better so far.

He has, what I call, a junky cough. You can hear all the grumbling in it. What usually happens next, is he gets real tight, and struggles to breath. So far, he seems to be tolerating it well. He is a little horse, I hear a faint wheeze, and a slight bark to the cough. Those of you, that have gone through this, probably understand exactly what I am saying.

We are keeping low key today. You can tell he doesn't feel good, but he is not down for the count. I am really praying, that this is as bad as it gets, this time.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mothers Intuition

I hope I am wrong on this one. I hear a faint hoarseness, in my little one's voice. There is just something about this noise, I hear, that leads me to believe we have a breathing issue coming on.

Oh, how I pray that I am wrong. I can not even explain the sound, that always leads to a few rough nights around here. Please, please, let me be wrong. Either way, we are prepared. This mom has learned what to do from experience. It just makes me very sad to go down this road.

The cool mist is ready. We have meds for the nebulizer. Once in my life, I just hope I am wrong.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Cake Debut

So, the cake has made it's debut. It made it, into a post, over on our family blog, Matters of the Heart. Click here, to see the post.

It might be in the cake wreck department, but at least my little allergy guy, was safe to eat it. All I will say is, thank God, I have many years of birthdays, left to practice.

Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm so glad he likes mustard.

My little allergic guy, is so cute sometimes. Today, he said he wanted mustard, for lunch. What he really meant was, he wanted a roast beef sandwich, with mustard.

I am so thankful, that he is such a flexible eater. I would be sad, if I could not have mayo on my sandwich. Not my little guy, he loves mustard only. While he was chowing on his roast beef, cheese and mustard sandwich, my non food allergic child, was the one eating a sunflower seed butter sandwich.

Boy, have we really learned to adapt around here. We survived the recent birthday, I will be uploading photos soon. My little girl loved her cake. It was not as pretty as a store bought one, but it sure had a lot of love, and hard work poured into it.

Stay tuned.