Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rising to the surface again.

Sorry it has been so long, since I posted, over here. I tend to post, more about the family, over at our Matters of the Heart blog. I save this blog, for more allergy related issues, and thoughts on my little man.

This last round of illness, just does not want to say good bye. My little guy, still has a junky cough, and a bit of a runny nose. He has handled it very well though. We only had a few rough days, now its just lingering.

Otherwise, the little guy is doing well. The new egg free life is working well. We have had zero GI episodes, since we have eliminated eggs. I need a good pancake recipe though. This was one of my kids favorite meals, before we eliminated eggs. My daughter, would eat three, and she is not a big eater. They would beg me to make pancakes. I made them the other day, with applesauce instead of egg, and they did not go over very well. My daughter ate half of her one, and my son, barely touched his. I thought they tasted fine, it was just not what the kids are used too. Any thoughts?

Tonight, we try a new restaurant, for my Mom's birthday, I have my plan of action ready, hope it all goes well. It's always a bit scary, feeding my son, anywhere but home. It is also important for us to do normal family things. Which for us, includes eating out occasionally. I always have my son's best interest in mind, and take every precaution I feel important. Some fear is healthy, I believe it helps me keep my son safe. We do not live in that fear, and I believe, without peanuts, tree-nuts, and now eggs, my son leads a happy life of a two year old.

I will be back, with a cute story, on how protective my little girl has become, of her allergic brother.

Have a great weekend.


  1. I'm hoping that you guys come through with a lot of good nights on the horizon.


  2. I am so glad to hear that the egg free diet is going well.

    I have a peanut related question for you - how did you know that/when Little Man had a peanut allergy?

    Yesterday we were at a friends for their annual turkey fry. Part way through the day Jack seemed to have an allergic reaction to something (very very red cheeks, incredibly warm and flushed and just a little "off"). It hit us today that he did have some turkey and that it was fried in peanut oil. Now I am nervous, but how do I know? Any thoughts?

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  4. Enjoyed reading your post! You have a beautiful family!
    Happy Wednesday!

  5. Hi Elaine, it's a nice blog of yours! I also have an egg allergy since I was in high school. It was very tough back then, as I loved fried egg, and most of delicious cakes that usually contain eggs. As my mom also suffer from it, our family made commitment to have egg-free foods from that day on. It was difficult at first (it must be more difficult for your younger kids), however after months and years, we began to get used to our new diet. Try to find egg-free recipes for more variation of dishes.

    What I'm trying to say is, that family support is very important in providing normal life for your allergic kids. It is annoying to be in details everytime you dine out, however don't cut off the frequency. Just be wise to choose dining places that is safe and trustable. After few years, your family will get used to the new habit. It is most important to always provide normal living for your allergic son.