Monday, January 5, 2009

Calling all wheat free families, and a little update.

This is the little guy, when got home, after today's appointment. Mind you, we only live ten minutes from the office. Notice the two suckers still in his hands. He was beat.

What you can not see in this picture, are his arms, wrapped from blood being drawn from them. Yes, they took from both arms. Poor little guy, it took three people to hold him down. All he kept saying was, "it hurts Mommy, it hurts."

The allergist feels like his symptoms are presenting like a food allergy. Since we know he is not being exposed to nuts, it is likely another source.

When we first got the news he was allergic to peanut and tree nuts, we were also told he had a minor allergy to wheat. It was so low, at the time, that they thought it was still okay for him to eat, unless he were to develop other symptoms.

So, here we are with other symptoms, classic of a food allergy, as the doctor put it. Which way do we go now. We are not sure what food is causing it? Well, that is where the blood work came in. We will see how all that comes back in a couple of days.

In the mean time, we need to start the process of elimination, to see if anything relieves his current symptoms. Doc, said first thing to go should be wheat..... We will see how this goes. I bought some of that rice bread today and made lunch on it. The kids liked it, however, about an hour after lunch, little Rooney came walking down the hall with a bag of crackers...

Oh, how fun our world has just become. Adding wheat, to what we already eliminate, is going to be a tough transition.

Thank you all so much for your prayers today, I certainly felt them as I had to help restrain my young son today.


  1. is my two cents...I am gluten/wheat allergic and there are LOTS of crackers that are nut/wheat hang in there

  2. I have eliminated most wheat products from my diet (no allergy, just trying something different). It's not too bad once you've been doing it awhile. Like Elyse said, there are a lot of wheat free products on the market today. So many more than peanut free.
    Hang in there. :)

  3. As the other ladies already said there are many wheat free products out there. Rice Chex and most of the Envirokidz cereals are wheat/gluten free. It will get easier with time, just like it got a routine with the nut free living. Wheat free is definitly easier than gluten free though, as you still have a few more options. Good luck and I hope your little guy is feeling better soon. ((Hugs))

  4. Saw your comment about the crackers...I eat rice cakes more than crackers b/c of the multiple allergy thing. Enjoy Life and Ener-G have some good products out there that are ridden of the top 8 plus a few allergies.
    Hang in IS an uphill battle

  5. ooops, my last comment disappeared. Anyway, hang in there and we will patiently wait for the result. kiss the young and yet, brave little prince!

  6. Poor little guy! Praying for you all. I hope he finds comfort soon!

  7. Hi! just popping over from lori's. Sorry to hear about your lil guy's allergies. Hope you get some definite answers soon.

  8. Sorry to hear about this...hang in there.

    If you like, check out Living Without magazine. It's an allergy mag that's heavy on the gluten-free info and recipes.

    Times like these are so hard. But it will get better when you know what to avoid and how to do it.

    Good luck! :) Best to you.