Friday, January 9, 2009

No news update

We have not heard back on the blood work yet. I imagine early next week we will. We continue to eliminate wheat around here. It is not very much fun.

Just a few things that have come up around here. My daughter says that she likes our old bread better. The only reason she is even eating the rice bread, is because, it broke my heart when I made them separate sandwiches, and my little man cried for a bite of sissy's.

The kids have asked for pancakes everyday, and do not like the frozen wheat free waffles. Rice cereal, has not been very well recieved, in the mornings. We have a new hot cereal to try tomorrow morning.

We have a birthday party to go to tomorrow. While I know it will be nut-free, we are not the only peanut/tree nut allergic child going, they are serving pizza for lunch. I really just want to skip out on the whole thing. I wonder how the rice bread, and seed butter and jelly will go over, when the rest of the kids are eating their pizza.

I know we will adjust, if this ends up what we need to eliminate. We have all had a lot of fun snacking on rice cakes this week. Unfortunately, I am not sure I am seeing him getting much better yet. Maybe it is milk?

We will see, just wanted to post a little update. I will post again when we know more.

Have a blessed weekend.


  1. I am so sorry you and Rooney are going through this. It must be so hard. We have the nut allergy, but that is it...hard enough, but i can't even imagine what you or poor baby are going through. Will continue to pray.

  2. I really hope wheat is not the one to blame, wheat is sooooo difficult to avoid. I know what you mean by skipping the party, even the kids are "understanding" it's still hard to see them being different.
    out of town today with Noel. Next door to the shop we went is a ice cream place. Huge ice cream cone on the window. Little girl said : " wow, that is a BIG ice cream, isn't it?" Although we are really not ice cream people, but I can hear the desire she has in her voice. Immediately she said : "...but let's not try it, it might have peanut in it...."
    It breaks my heart.
    What you and I want the most, is what so many families take for granted - just let our kids be the normal kids, run, jump, eat whatever their heart desire, even if that means too many cookies.
    I think of your little princess sometimes too, even though she escaped the allergy, but her daily life will not be the same either. She needs to be "supportive" and "protective" starting at such young age, don't forget to tell her what a special big sister she is for us.

  3. I'm praying for dear Rooney and for your entire family, especially you, my friend. Please get some much needed rest, but most of all, I wish you peace and comfort. Hugs, Candy

    word verification: curap (is that how you feel??) :)

  4. Hang in there girl! Namaste is a company that is totally wheat/nut free for ya. They have a pizza mix that is great...they also have a bread mix too.

  5. When I read your initial post about this and told my hubby he said, Maybe it is milk. They symtoms really reminded him of his brother who had a milk allergy when he was younger. Now he isn't allergic - seems to be have a sensitivity to it, though. Anyway, I am not sure I have a point to that story. I just said a prayer for your day!

  6. Poor little fella...I'm praying for him AND the rest of the family. My husband is lactose intolerant. Maybe a milk allergy would be easier than a wheat allergy????

  7. Poor Rooney and his family. :-(

    I've had to go: dairy free, nut free, soy free, egg free and I try and avoid wheat/gluten except in small amounts.

    It's been hard as an ADULT because that stuff is just in so many things. I imagine, as a child, it will be extremely difficult.

    Thinking of you.