Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Help me out here.

So, I am not really sure how to feel about some information I received today.

I've shared before, my daughter goes to a pre-school that has gone nut free. My daughter is not the allergic one here. I was just very happy about this because next year, when my allergy boy is ready to go, I thought there would be a lot less worries. This was the schools choice, through education, and the amount of students that were seeking enrollment that had the allergy.

Well, and I say that with and exaggerated sigh behind it. Today, I was told that one of the parents is not happy with the pre-schools decision, and is going to try to get a petition going, in order for it to be changed. I guess, this parent feels that the pre-school accommodating the peanut allergy is a bigger inconvenience for the rest of the parents.

Like I said, I am not sure how I even feel about this. Partly because I have an allergic child, and of course I want the school to remain nut free. My first reaction was, hello, it is three hours a day, give me a break. I know, I am very biased on the issue, however my PA guy is not even there right now. I just think, if someone told me that there kid could be at serious risk if I ate something around them, I feel like I could accommodate them. Am I wrong here? The parent feels the pre-school should not have accommodated the peanut allergy in the way they chose too. It will be interesting to see what comes of this. Not sure if she is just angry right now, and saying it, or she really will find people to sign it.

I would never want to put someone elses life in jeopardy. To top all of it off, again not sure what this is all about. Another parent, who's child is in a class with a PA child, has asked the parent to sign a release, saying he would never be liable if anything ever happened to her child in class. What is that all about?

This was a bit of a reality check for me. I have not really had to worry about outside influences, as of yet. My son is two and his world is still pretty much in my control.

Please let me know what you all think about both of these situations.


  1. Hello,
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  2. I know, super frustrating. I have not been able to locate a single school within 50 mins drive from us. But your experience confirms one thing - there are all sores of people around and there is a reason why you choose friends you are with right now.

    Sometimes I wonder too, what if my child is not allergic to peanut, will I be supporting peanut ban? Honestly, I might have tons questions, but will never, ever want to put anyone's life in danger. Seriously, my daughter loves her grilled cheese sandwich, let's say the school now bans milk products, and that is the only lunch my daughter eats - well, knowing what I know now, I will NOT pack her a lunch with the food that might hurt her friends. I see it as an opportunity to teach her life lessons - to be understanding, to be patient....etc.
    Hang in there, let me know how it turns out

  3. Unfortunately, we are all still in these odd years of figuring out the details of the rising numbers of severely food allergic children. My son is 12 yrs old, so I had hoped this issue had already been decided in preschools... The ban is medically necessary. Preschoolers are the worst at keeping sticky food in one place! You are completely right -- caring people, once educated, would choose to care about a child and value life over peanut butter. This petition parent really looks bad - uneducated, uncaring, lazy for not finding food alternatives, and small minded. Your prescool took the right stand -- you are lucky it is not "just up to the food allergic parent". I have had 4 children in 3 different preschools and a nut-free ban is NO BIG DEAL. Once the change is made, it takes awhile for everyone to adjust their purchases,so be understanding and offer food suggestions and alternatives. I have learned, though, that some people just might never "get it" - their stict rightousness will be their downfall in the end. What a great preschool to take a stand. And this uncaring, lazy mother - just wait till she gets to public school. Peanut free is not going away!!!!

  4. Ooops - forgot - regarding the release: that parent must be a lawyer. And a jerk. Like every parent with a food allergic child is looking to sue a 4 year old for causing an allergic reaction.
    Now, I do believe the courts might have to intervene if resonable accomodations can not be made for our children in extreme cases. But a liablity release is so extreme, it sounds like your preschool has a lot of uncaring, scaredy cat parents. Would you ask them to sign a release making sure you don't sue if their child's stupidity causes your child to make a mistake???
    Your area sounds like it needs some serious education. Once, I had our allergist and our pediatrician come into the classroom and teach children and parents alike about food allergies. I used some favorite foods to teach about food labeling - and it went over really well and educated those holdouts.
    Also, if those cranky parents do not attend, you know they are not interested in knowledge and will not ever understand.

  5. I'm the mother of two peanut/tree nut allergic boys. Their preschool has been peanut/tree nut free for ten years. The woman is wrong that the school doesn't have to make an accomodation for the allergic child. The child is protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The parents of the allergic kid should NEVER sign a release. That's just ridiculous. Maybe she just needs some gentle education. Or she should find another preschool. I hope the school is supporting the allergic child's family through this.