Friday, September 12, 2008

Thank you to those that come before us.

I just have to say thank you to all of you PA moms and dads out there that have come before me.

You truly are paving the way for those of us, that are not as far down the road yet. I love the stories, the advice, the recipes. Most of all, I love the encouragement.

I love meeting people like me, that would do ANYTHING, to keep their child safe.

Today, I met the women that paved the way, for the preschool we choose to be peanut free. How wonderful, all her hard work, prepping the preschool for her little one, has now multiplied itself.

If you remember, in an earlier post I said, "this preschool, really gets it." This is thanks to the mom I met today.

This lovely women, is so involved in the PA world, she had a wealth of information. I am so grateful she has pushed for the preschool we choose to be so aware.

She also had a wonderful thing I wanted to share with you all. Customized EpiPen carriers.

I loved this one, it could be carried like a purse, or you could take the straps off.

Let's face it, pre PA, sometimes I did not carry anything with me, now there is one thing I can never be with out.

There are lots of fabrics to choose from.

This was a little over one arm sling.

This was back pack style.

You can visit her website at This PA mom, is doing amazing things.


  1. High fashion for Epi pen!!! My only concern is how do you keep the temperature at the required level? Unless you guys are the lucky ones in places that stay at 70s all year round! I got a frio for the summer (and honestly, I hate a lot of aspect of it, but it does keep the med in the right temperature) In the winter, I wrap it in the custom made muff that a WONDERFUL PA mom made for us!

  2. Yeah, this was the disclaimer on her website.

    * Please be advised that our products are not temperature resistant. You must still follow the necessary manufacturer precautions to keep your EpiPen temperature safe.