Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Scary moments

Sunday night I was getting the kids ready for bath. As I was taking Zach's diaper off, he said "hurt mommy." I said, "what hurts" he pointed to the side of his bottom. Sure enough, he had raised bumps and it was red around them.

I took him out to the living room, for dad to examine, this was the only place he had the hives. As we were looking for signs of anything else, he said, "my mouth hurts." I had already given him benadryl by that point. Just him saying that, scared the holy heck out of me. His tongue and lips were fine, and he was breathing normally.

He was fine, in every other way, but the red hive like area, which the benadryl immediately helped. He had not eaten anything different at home that day, so I am not sure what it really was.

This has happened several other times, where hives will just appear and go away with benadryl.

He does have a few level one food allergies, that do not bother him much, could be those, could be environmental, could be, who knows what???

Even in that scary moment, I was able to keep it together. I'm finding strength, I never knew I had, when it comes to living with this life threatening allergy.

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  1. I hate those mysterious "reactions". We had encountered a few of these and each time, it scared me big time. You did well. And trust me that I understand. Most parents see red bumps as "oh, no big deal"; and for us, even a little scratch action kids do we have to double check.
    Tiring, but they are worth it. Keep the hope up high, that our modern medicine will soon be on the way to help.
    By the way, I spoke to a Chinese doctor in Florida earlier this week, who told me he can "cure" peanut allergy....etc. Long story short, I am a very cautious person and I am still doing my researches, but this one seems to be a reputable doctor.