Friday, September 26, 2008

I'd love to take you for a yogurt

With my daughter now in pre-school three days a week. My little guy and I have lot's of Mommy and Son time. I was thinking yesterday, I really wish we could go have a frozen yogurt together.

We have this new yogurt shop, and it would be fun to just take him for some special time. Not to mention, they have fat free and sugar free yogurt. This would let Mommy get a nice yummy treat without feeling too guilty.

My husband has checked the place out, and unfortunately, it really is a no go for us. They serve peanut butter yogurt, the flavors are never in the same machine. One day the peanut butter flavor will be in the first machine, two days later it may be in the fourth machine. They also have lots of nut and cereal topping choices, that have already spilled into each other.

Nothing is very simple, when you have an allergic child. I guess I will have to think of a different Mommy-Son treat. Any ideas.

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  1. have you ever consider an ice cream machine.....?

  2. Go out for a walk. Little boys (well mine anyway) love the outside! It is a WONDERFUL way to discover lots of creepy crawly things boys love! He is beautiful!

  3. Oh the ice cream machine is a great idea! We have a Cuisinart Ice Cream machine which is just great! I highly recommend it. You could bake together too. So many things to do. My son for some reason went thru a phase where he wanted to "make crafts", so we got pipe cleaners and pom poms and that sort of stuff and made creations.