Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Clean bill of health.

My little guy finally got his two year check up today. All is well, and he is growing normally.

Talked only a little bit today about the allergies, our Primary Care Doctor does not offer much in this department. He is knowledgeable, however, I have always found the allergist more helpful. One thing we did talk about, was some of the his so called, lower level allergies.

When I say that, I mean the foods he got a one or a two on his RAST. My understanding, was to stay away from the two's, and if the one's, gave no reactions, then they were okay. Peanuts and Tree nuts are all above a level three for him.

Wheat, some fruits, clams and a few others are at level one and two. Since it is fall, and pumpkin everything (which happens to me one of my favorites) is all around. I needed to double check one item that was on his list. My little guy has a level two allergy to nutmeg.

Anybody else have nutmeg included in their allergy list? Anybody have a good nutmeg free pumpkin pie recipe?

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