Monday, October 27, 2008

Exzcema is upon us.

Red rashy face is all I see, runny stuffed noses, and a cough that won't quit. Allergies all around us right now....I must not forget, that I need a Claritin a day, to keep mine away.

My poor little guy has a bout of that red rash on his face. I am never sure if it is something he has had or eczema rearing it's ugly head again.

On another allergy note. My daughter went into the petting zoo yesterday, and for the rest of the day she had a stuffed nose, and she has been coughing ever since. Now, normally I would say this might be a cold, however, she just got over being sick, where she got a shot and 10 days of antibiotics.

Well, just wanted to give a quick update on our allergy front. If you want to see what else we have been doing, go visit us at Matters of the Heart.


  1. I hope your son is not too itchy! Do you use desonide ointment? That's what the allergist has prescribed for my son's eczema and it has made such a huge difference. Initially, I was uncomfortable putting steroids of any kind on him, but it seems to really keep the eczema in check, and then we don't have to use it too often. Hope the eczema calms down soon.

    Hope your daughter's feeling better too.

    Best, Jennifer

  2. what helped Noel a lot when she was little is Eucerin lotion/cream. I had tried tons of expensive/brand name lotions but that was the only one works. She does not have eczema now so we just use Aveeno baby lotion.