Friday, October 3, 2008

Little Man Update

My little guy is doing well. The rash is gone, and has not come back. I am really thinking this may be an environmental allergy, except for him saying his tongue hurts. Could be one of the things we have been eating that he tested level 1 for, that is getting worse. We have allergy testing to see where we are at in December. I am going to ask to be tested for a few other things that we are unsure about.

So, I had a comment on my other blog, that someone could not leave a comment here. Can you please test it out and let me know if that is still the case? Come on, I know you can help me out with this one. If you attempt, and are unable to leave a comment, hop on over to the other blog and let me know there. Anybody ever have that happen on their blog?

Thank you in advance for your help on this.


  1. Poor little guy, we are dealing with rashes too. I hope you can get some more answers from the allergy testing in December.
    It was of no help for us, as my son tested negative for everything, ugh. He still doesn't tolerate a bunch of foods though, and I have food allergies to nuts and many other things as well.

  2. Our daughter had a fierce cow's milk allergy and rashed up with any trace. Zyrtec was the only thing that kept her comfortable. Good Luck! Blessings, Whitney

  3. Hope he's feeling better soon! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Love yours!