Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thought filled Tuesday

On my other blog, I am doing a thought filled Tuesday or Thursday post. Thought I would share the love over here.

This has been burning in my mind, thought I would solicit some wanted advice. How would you handle this hypothetical situation. (wink)

Your child is highly allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. Every nut imaginable. You meet some friends, they get out of the car with their kids eating a snickers, and a butterfinger candy bar. To go even further. What if the snickers was somewhat melted, and you notice the child just digging into the wrapper with their fingers? Imagine using your finger like a spoon, to dig out the melted chocolate, peanut mess.

What is a mother to a two year old, highly allergic to ingredients, in these things do. Since this is a hypothetical situation, that is all the information I can give you.

Okay, I'll add the kids will come in contact with each other at some point.

Can't wait to see how one should handle a situation like this. Please, do not be shy, leave your answer in a comment. If you would prefer to leave it private, you can email me.

Thanking you in advance, because I know you will all come through on this one.


  1. Elaine, simple - announce politely that your child is highly allergic and demand the snicker eating kids go wash up. First of all, if those are my "old" friends who already know about my allergic child, well, not so politely will I say to them : "what are you thinking?"
    I read in a post on the site we all are familiar with, a question raised : "what is the positive thing you see in peanut allergy (or for any fatal food allergy for that matter)?"
    I laugh at question like this - how would there possibly be anything "positive" - eating healthy? more responsible child?.... I don't think so, I would trade peanut allergy for a junk food craving kid (really! no junk food will kill your child in a matter of minutes.)
    What I am trying to say is, if I think REALLY hard, one positive thing in dealing with nut allergy, is that I become VERY vocal about it and I am not shy at all in announcing my child's allergy. My job as a teacher helps, but really. Speak up, in any situation. I try!

  2. me again,the open ID on my typepad account is not working again???

    How I wish our little girls can be friends!
    PS by the way, on our last flights, I openly asked a man to close up his bag of peanut and another man sitting quite a distance away to put away his peanut cracker. thankfully, they were both nice enough to do that.

  3. carry around Handi-Wipes and ask if the mom minds if they wipe off their hands after eating that. Smile and explain the serious allergies your child has and how it's so easy to pass the allergen when it gets on one child's hands and then onto shared toys or play equipment. And, you know, kids are always sticking their hands in their mouths. It's just so easy to use a wipe.

  4. Don't be shy--just ask if the other child can wash their hands. Soap and water is better than a wet wipe for removing allergens but either will do.

    Most people will comply without a thought. Anyway, the risk of cross-cotam is too high so speak up whenever you see something like this. You also bring up a very good reason why pre-schools need to be nut-free! :)