Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ruby shares her....

That's right, Mom was reading a new book tonight about sharing. You guessed it, we turn the page, and Ruby, shares her bag of nuts.

The kids just looked at me strangely... What do you say? It was a great opportunity for me to ask.. Do we eat nuts? Thankfully both kids said no. Even at two and three they are starting to get it.

Just another lesson for this mom. I can't hide them from it. I can only educate them, and hope that I prepare them for what is to come.

Anymore talk of this tonight might send me into a tailspin. I have been so worried about upcoming events, and holiday celebrations, that I just need to let it go for now.

I have been in one of those, I hate nuts, and allergies all together moods. Very emotional about the whole thing. I know that this will get easier. Right now, a two year old, that touches everything, and or puts everything in his mouth, with severe nut allergies, is not the greatest to deal with.

I will be glad when this year is over with, and we have made it through every holiday, and family get together safely.

I now think I will take my overtired self to bed.


  1. Nuts are everywhere! They are so hard to avoid when you're out or at the store. Cheer up though! Kids are so resilient--I think we (the parents) are more upset than they are about missing some of these foods. Of course, I am only speaking from a couple years of experience--maybe the moms with food allergic teenagers can tell us what lies ahead and how their kids have handled it through elementary school and middle school.

    Thank goodness it is easy enough to cook homemade meals and goodies without those pesky nuts. And I am happy that Tootsie does not use nuts/peanuts. I bought Junior Mints, Tootsie Rolls, and Smarties this Halloween as well as Vermont Nut Free Chocolate. The kids will be thrilled!